AK Artist Statement

“She never looked nice. She looked like art, and art wasn’t supposed to look nice;
it was supposed to make you feel something”

– Rainbow Rowell

These were the famous words Steve Mulcahy displayed across ten separate hand-held wooden totems. Each totem individually held high by ten independent festival goers, as they made their way in unison towards the front of the stage on a crowded Desert Hearts Festival dancefloor to be displayed for all to see.

Just like we are drawn to certain works of art, we are also drawn to people in a similar manner. In a room full of creation, one will always stand out the most. Leading by example and inspiring a worldwide grassroots human to human connection, Steve Mulcahy’s interactive and experimental art is known to be “A little street. A little sexy. Always a lot of fun.”

As a self-taught Context Artist, he originally began his journey in 2012 by immersing himself on the often dusty dance floors of a total of 26 transformational art and music festivals around the country. Through increased passion of art and music, he co-founded both the Desert Hearts Dreamscape Collective Art Gallery (fka Lineal) and Black Rock City, Nevada Burning Man sound camp Ego Trip that same year.

With his personalized artistic contributions to the underground house and techno scene growing in creativity, frequency and scale, Steve’s art and specifically his “Afternoon Kitty” Lifestyle and Branding concept quickly became viral. Photos and mentions of Steve’s creations have now reached the underground house and techno scenes across the globe – including MixMag Magazine, Rolling Stone, Thump, Miami Music Week, Winter Music Conference, LoveLife, All Day I Dream, Dirty Bird Records, Deep Los Angeles, Get Lost Experience, Lemon City Studios, Music is 4 Lovers, and more.

By the summer of 2019, over 1,250 Afternoon Kitty totems had been uniquely handcrafted and individually gifted to strangers on various dance floors directly by Steve himself. “We exist to make ‘Art, Love, & Beats’… one dancefloor, one conversation, one kitty at a time.” Steve explains.

Each Kitty creation that’s ‘adopted’ out to a new individual expands what Steve refers to as #KittyKountry. The idea being that regardless of where in the world that your path takes you, spotting someone with an Afternoon Kitty branded item is similar to seeing a familiar face – it inflicts a feeling, one that Steve believes solidifies the intention that “You are loved. You are surrounded by people on the same frequency as you who care.”

Similarly aligning with the general Burning Man community ethos of the Ten Principles, Steve created ten “Kitty Tips for the Dance Floor” that outline good practices on how to look out for each other in the underground music scene. “It feels good to do what’s right. No one person has ever accomplished anything significant alone and everyone plays a role in protecting and elevating the vibe on the dance floor.” These distinctive and intimate characteristics of Steve’s branding and lifestyle objectives are the beauty that can be found in Steve’s unique and often collaborative creations.

Embracing his belief that opportunity dances with those already on the dance floor, Steve left his home in San Diego, California in July 2019 to begin his worldwide concept expansion tour across the globe.

With little much other than his proven foundation of Business Development savoir-faire, vision, and a few packed bags that included his homemade ‘mobile Kitty maker tool kit’, Steve’s Afternoon Kitty lifestyle and branding expansion focuses on aspects such as interactive art installations, event production, fashion, creative and artist agency, and building a recognizable and sustainable community lifestyle across the globe.